Planning & Zoning

Comprehensive Zoning Code Review

The Easton Planning and Zoning Commission is the process of comprehensively reviewing and updating the Town’s Zoning Code. 

The Easton Town Council is currently reviewing the Draft Zoning Code through a series of workshops, the next Town Council work shop is scheduled for October 21, 2021 at 4:30 pm in the Town Council Meeting Room, located at 14 South Harrison Street in Easton. The proposed articles of the Code is posted  to the Pending Legislation page of the Town website.

Comprehensive Plan Update Survey

The Easton Planning and Zoning Commission is initiating the next update of the Town's Comprehensive Plan. The heart of such a plan involves recommendations related to land use, but of course there are a host of issues related to land use, such as environmental protection, transportation, housing, job opportunities, public facilities, and so forth.  As with previous Plan Updates, public input throughout the process will be critical in determining the direction of the Plan.  The Planning Commission anticipates a variety of opportunities and forums for such input.  One such forum will be through opinion surveys, the first of which is available below. As we are only at the beginning of this process, this first survey looks at the general, overarching, big-picture issues facing the Town in the realm of growth and development.

The following video provides an introduction and overview of the plan and why it is important.

Please check this site regularly for opportunities to provide input on the Plan.

We invite you to complete this survey.  Furthermore, we encourage you to spread the word by letting your friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, etc., know about this opportunity.

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