Where is the Town using Speed Enforcement Cameras?

The School Zones being enforced within the Town will be designated by very visible signs.

Any streets within a half-mile radius of a school are eligible for Speed Photo Enforcement. These include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Chesapeake Christian School
  • The Country School
  • Easton Elementary School
  • Easton High School
  • Easton Middle School
  • St. Peter / St. Paul Elementary and High School
  • Talbot County Board of Education

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1. What is Automated Speed Enforcement?
2. Why is Easton choosing to utilize this type of technology?
3. How will I know if I’m in a speed camera zone?
4. What do I do if I receive a citation?
5. What are my options?
6. Will the operator be present in court?
7. What if my vehicle and/or license plates were stolen at the time of the violation?
8. What if I was not the operator of the car at the time the violation took place; am I still liable?
9. What happens if the Transfer of Liability request is denied?
10. What happens if I ignore the violation notice?
11. If I pay the fine, can I then contest it or ask for a hearing?
12. If I pay the fine, will my insurance rates increase?
13. How do I know these violations are valid?
14. Isn’t it a violation of my privacy to have a camera photograph my vehicle without my permission?
15. When is the Town using Speed Enforcement Cameras?
16. Where is the Town using Speed Enforcement Cameras?