Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing Program

The creation of a Town of Easton Affordable Housing Program (EAHP) was first set into motion in 2001 to create moderate-income affordable homes in the Easton area. Legislation was passed by the Mayor and Town Council in 2005 creating the Affordable Housing Fund and the Easton Affordable Housing Board itself. The Board is responsible for overseeing the EAHP, recruiting applicants, and working with the Town Council on recommendations or changes to the program.

The Board currently calculates affordable rates to be 80 to 110% of Easton’s median household income based on Talbot County median income levels published annually by Housing and Urban Development.

Purchase Program

The Purchase Program was developed to provide Affordable and Workforce housing for First Time Home Buyers at a purchase price they can afford. The program and application information is below under documents. Applicants may apply to purchase a home as they are available and must meet appropriate income and credit history guidelines.


Renovation Program

An opportunity for residents who own and occupy their home as their primary residence and pay property taxes to the town of Easton, MD. Homeowners may apply for a grant, no interest deferred loan or low interest loan depending on their income, through the Town of Easton Affordable Housing Program for approved renovations to improve the energy efficiency, safety, and livability of their home. *An exception will be considered for a neighborhood within the town limits of Easton where a homeowner pays ground rent for the property their home is located on, (i.e. Hyde Park) and the property owner pays property taxes to the Town of Easton. Program information and application are below.


Board Information