Parks Rules

General Parks and Facility Rules govern all parks, open space and all facilities and amenities with the specific property site boundaries.

  1. Activities conducted by the users of facilities must be orderly and lawful, and not of a nature to incite others to disorder
  2. No person shall fail or refuse to obey any lawful order of an authorized Town employee.
  3. Persons shall comply with all officially posted signs.
  4. Persons entering or remaining on park property when the park is closed shall be considered trespassing.
  5. No person shall illegally gamble in a park.
  6. The possession, use, or discharge of any firearms, fireworks, firecrackers, or explosives of any kind by any person is prohibited.
  7. No person shall abuse, deface, damage, or remove any Town property located in a park.
  8. No person shall use abusive, threatening, or profane language in a park.
  9. All litter and garbage must be placed in the trash receptacles or if such trash receptacles are full, park patrons are responsible for removing all trash to a proper trash receptacle. No litter or garbage shall be deposited in the park except in the proper trash receptacles.
  10. No person shall camp in any manner in a park without permission of the Parks and Recreation Department.
  11. Use of loudspeakers or amplified music, voices, or sounds of any kind is prohibited absent special permission of the Parks and Recreation Department.
  12. Possession of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.
  13. Dog owners must comply with local leash laws.
  14. All animals are prohibited from athletic fields, courts, playground areas, playground equipment, and Skate Park.
  15. No animal excrement or fecal matter shall be left or deposited in any park except in a proper trash or dog fecal matter receptacle. If none is available, the animal owner must carry it out with them.
  16. No person shall promote, sell, rent, or trade goods or service for profit or otherwise in a park unless they have been granted written permission by the Parks and Recreation Department.
  17. Begging or soliciting park users for money, food, or other things of value is prohibited.
  18. Urinating or defecating on any park property except in permanent or portable bathroom structures is prohibited.
  19. The Town is not responsible for any property that is damaged, destroyed, or lost.
  20. All unattended property is presumed to be abandoned and may be removed and/or destroyed by the Town.
  21. Horses are prohibited in the parks or on the trails unless authorized by the Parks and Recreation Department.
  22. Golfing is prohibited.
  23. Organized league play or lessons in any park is prohibited unless authorized by the Parks and Recreation Department.
  24. The traffic ordinances of the Town of Easton and all applicable State vehicle laws shall apply to all park property. In addition , the following regulations shall apply:
    • Vehicular traffic and parking is only permitted on designated paved or graveled roadways and parking areas, except as otherwise specifically directed by a Town employee.
    • All posted traffic signs will be observed.
    • No person shall change any vehicle parts or repair, grease, or wash vehicles on any park property, except for emergency repair.
    • No vehicle shall be stored or remain overnight in any park or park parking lot.
  25. All fires within a park must be confined to safe cooking receptacles (grills). No person shall leave a fire unattended. No person shall leave a fire without having fully extinguished it.

For Additional information please contact Parks and Recreation at 410-822-2525.

Park Board Meetings

The Park Board meets regularly at the Town Hall.

Minutes from Board meetings are posted when the become available. Click here to view minutes from past meetings.


Please remember to follow all posted park rules.Pets are only permitted on the Rails-to-Trails paths, and in the RTC park.

Pet owners are reminded to pick up after their pets as a courtesy to all park visitors.