David Montgomery

Councilmember Ward 3

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David Montgomery was elected to the Easton Town Council after a career in teaching, government service, and consulting.  He earned his PhD in economics from Harvard and joined the faculty at the California Institute of Technology, where he was one of the pioneers in developing market based environmental policies.  After taking a year away from teaching to join the infant Congressional Budget Office, he decided to change careers and apply his economics training more directly to public policy.  During his government career, David served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Energy and Assistant Director of the Congressional Budget Office, as well as other senior positions in the Departments of Energy and Defense.  

After leaving government service, David established a consulting practice that used pathbreaking economic models to analyze the economy-wide costs and benefits of energy and environmental policies.  He became recognized as an expert on climate policy and participated in international negotiations on climate agreements.  He advised leaders of the world’s largest energy concerns and testified before Congress more than 30 times.  He retired as Senior Vice President of NERA Economic Consulting in 2014.

David planned to take advantage of retirement to write freely on public policy, first as a columnist for the Talbot Spy and then as editor and contributor to the Chesapeake Observer.  He realized that solutions to our national problems must begin at the local level, and became active in trying to preserve the history and unique character of our community.  Eventually, he was convinced that he could contribute best by running for office himself, and was elected to the Easton town council in May 2023.

David and his wife Esther have lived in Talbot County for almost 30 years, full time for the past decade.   They were sailors for many years and members of the Miles River Yacht Club, then David’s interests shifted to other outdoor pursuits that made him appreciate the value of our fields and woodlands even more.  He belongs to local hunting and shooting clubs.  David and Esther are both active members of Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church, where David is an officer of the Knights of Columbus.  David serves on the board of an international charity and works with a number of Catholic and pro-life organizations.  Esther, a former Navy nurse, is among other activities a quilter and Hospice volunteer.