2023 Comprehensive Plan Update


In many ways, a Comprehensive Plan is analogous to a community’s road map or blueprint.  It is a path to a desired destination and just as a traveler may deviate from their road map, so too might a community need to adjust their Comprehensive Plan. Thus, there are circumstances which warrant an amendment to the Plan and every ten years, it is thoroughly reviewed and adjusted as deemed necessary.

The Easton Comprehensive Plan establishes Town policies relative to the most desirable development patterns for present-day Easton as well as the Easton of the future by looking to our environs and determining which areas might appropriately some day become part of the Town. It identifies in both narrative and graphic form proposed areas for living and working activities and related services that are required to assure a quality environment for all residents. Implementation proposals are included as methods for coordinating public and private development activities, which together will influence Town development form and function.  Attention is also given to the Town's role in the development of Talbot County.


In addition to providing a community’s long-range vision., Comprehensive Plans serve a number of other roles, including the provision of:

•  A unified statement of desirable development policies.

•  A framework within which specific development issues can be evaluated and public policy effectuated consistent with the long-range growth and development goals and objectives of the Town. 

•  An information document for local elected officials, citizens, developers and special interest groups concerning critical development issues as well as Town development policies.

Preparation of the Easton Comprehensive Plan represents an important step in the complex process of guiding future development in the interest of the general public.  Adoption of the Plan will constitute another logical step in the evolution of directing the forces of development in a desirable spatial pattern that maintains and enhances Easton’s special and unique sense of place.


Easton’s Planning Commission and staff are in the process of updating the 2010 Comprehensive Plan.  Public outreach is wrapping up and staff has begun drafting early elements of the document.  Interested citizens can monitor this page for further updates and opportunities to observe or participate in workshops and public hearings throughout the remainder of the process.