2023 Comprehensive Plan Update

Neighborhood Meetings

The 2023 Comprehensive Plan Update Neighborhood Meetings have concluded.  These meetings were organized in conjunction with the Town Council representatives of each of the Town’s four election wrds.  Recordings of each meeting can be accessed HERE.

There are still multiple opportunities to participate in this Comprehensive Plan Update.  These opportunities include online surveys, two of which are currently available, with more planned.  The available surveys can be accessed from the survey links below In addition, the Planning Commission anticipates conducting a highly participatory type of meeting for residents, employees, or anyone interested in the future of Easton.  Details of this meeting are still being discussed by the Planning Commission and Staff and information will be posted on this page as it becomes available.  Lastly, prior to adopting a new Plan, both the Planning Commission and Town Council will conduct Public Hearings on the document.  These Hearings will be advertised on the Town website as well as in the Star-Democrat in advance of the scheduled date.

The Easton Planning and Zoning Commission is initiating the next Update of the Town’s Comprehensive Plan.  The Comprehensive Plan (Comp Plan, or The Plan, for short) is the Town’s official long-range planning document that outlines goals and objectives, as well as recommended projects and programs for a host of land use and growth-related issues.  In greatly oversimplified terms, it describes the future that we want for Easton as well as the road map for how to arrive at that desired future.

The Town has historically relied upon the input of people with various interests in the future of our community (e.g., residents, business owners, people who work in Easton, etc.) when preparing Plan Updates.  That will be the case again with this Update, which will ultimately take until the Spring of 2023 to complete.

Please check this site regularly for opportunities to provide input on the Plan. 

The first opportunity to provide input on the Plan is available now in the form of a survey on a few of the bigger-picture and overarching issues we expect to encounter throughout this Update process.  You may access the survey here:

Comprehensive Plan Update Survey #1

Survey in English

Survey en Español

If you are curious about what is in the current Plan, you may review that document here: 2010 Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Plan Update Survey #2

The second Comprehensive Plan survey seeks input on general "Quality of Life Issues" and is available here:

Second Survey in English here 

Segunda Encuesta en Español aquí

Comprehensive Plan Update Survey #3

The third Comprehensive Plan survey seeks input on transportation issues such as traffic, bicycle and pedestrian access, and more.

Transportation Survey