Article V. Snow Emergency Regulations

Section 17-36. Declaration and effect of snow emergency Phase I.

(A) The Town shall automatically be considered to be in a snow emergency any time that at least two (2) inches of snow has accumulated in Town without the need for further action.  The Town staff will follow the normally prescribed notification of the general public of such implementation.  In addition, whenever the Chief of Police (or, in the absence of the Chief of Police from the Town, the most Senior officer of the Police Department then on duty) and the Superintendent of the Department of Public Works of the Town determine that conditions exist, or shall exist, for a declaration of a Snow Emergency, (which determination may be made as a result of the forecast of weather conditions) the Chief of Police, (or, as the case may be, the most Senior officer of the Police Department then on duty), and the Superintendent of the Public Works shall declare a Snow Emergency to be in existence.  (Ordinance 757, effective 4/4/21, historical reference 61, 111, 128).

(B)   During a Snow Emergency 

(1)  No parking shall be permitted on streets in any metered parking space or in any location designated by “No Parking During Snow Emergency” signs.  If any motor vehicle is parked at such a location at the time a Snow Emergency is declared, its owner or operator shall remove the vehicle from its location as quickly as possible under the circumstances.   

(Ordinance 757 effective 4/4/21, historical reference 61, 111, 128)

The Easton Police Department is authorized to have any vehicle parked in violation of this subsection towed from any street.  The vehicle owner will be liable for any towing costs incurred.  The Easton Police Department will notify the owner of the towed vehicle pursuant to Section 17-28.  (Ordinance 382 effective 1/12/1999)

(2)  The following snow emergency routes are designated for purposes of a Snow Emergency:

All of Washington Street:  North Easton Parkway to Lee Terrace
Dover Street: Higgins Street to Municipal Lot beyond the District Court Building (West Side)
West Street: Bay Street to Glenwood Avenue
Federal Street: Washington Street to West Street
Harrison Street: Goldsborough Street to South Lane
Goldsborough Street: Washington Street to Aurora Street
Idlewild Avenue: Aurora Street to Washington Street
Glenwood Avenue:  North Side of Street Only from Washington Street to Easton Parkway

(Ordinance 757 effective 4/4/21 historical reference 382)

(Ordinance 128 effective 12/9/1985, historical reference 61, 111)

Section 17-37. Termination of snow emergency.

At the termination of a snow emergency, the most Senior officer of the Police Department then on duty shall declare that the snow emergency no longer exists, and that the snow emergency regulations shall no longer be in effect until such time as the officials of the Town again determine that a snow emergency exists according to the procedures set forth in Section 17-36. (Ordinance 757 effective 4/4/21, historica.l reference 61, 111, 128, 673)

Section 17-38. Restrictions on placement of snow.

No person or entity shall be permitted to deposit snow from its premises upon the streets or parking lots of the Town with the exception of the Town Public Works Department in the authorized performance of their duties. (Ordinance 757 effective 4/4/21) (Ordinance 673 effective 12/29/2015, historical reference 61, 111 and 128)

Section 17-39. RESERVED.

(Ordinance 757 effective 4/4/21).

Section 17-40. RESERVED.

(Ordinance 128 effective 12/9/1985, historical reference 519 aka E-34, 111)