Article IV. Plumbing License

§ 14-25. Plumbing Work - Licensed Plumber Required.

All plumbing work in the Town shall be done by or under the personal supervision of a licensed plumber of the State of Maryland who shall, in addition, be licensed by the Town. (Ordinance 605 effective July 1st 2012 and Ordinance 12 effective 1/1/1941)

§ 14-26. Plumbing License - Application; Fees.

Each application for a plumbers license from the Town of Easton shall be made upon a form obtained from the Town Clerk who shall, if the qualifications set forth in this chapter are complied with, and upon receipt of payment of a fee, issue said license. No license shall be issued for less than a full year's fee. (Ordinance 605 effective July 1st 2012, Ordinance 104 effective 3/15/1982 and Ordinance 12 effective 1/1/1941)

§ 14-27. Plumbing Bond; Indemnification of Town.

Every person, firm or corporation applying for a license to carry on the business of plumbing in the Town shall file a certificate of liability insurance or furnish a bond in the sum of one million dollars ($1,000,000.00) per occurrence or accident, whereby the applicant shall indemnify and save harmless the Town from all suits and actions brought against the Town or any officer of the Town for any injury or damage received or sustained by any person in consequence of or resulting from any negligence of work performed by, or materials used by, said applicant, their servants or agents. (Ordinance 605 effective July 1st 2012, Ordinance 12 effective 1/1/1941 and 1967 Code by Ordinance 519 aka E-34 effective 5/7/1967)

§ 14-28. Compliance with Code.

Every plumber licensed by the Town shall comply with the provisions of this Code in all plumbing done within the limits of the Town. (Ordinance 605 effective July 1st 2012 and Ordinance 12 effective 1/1/1941)

§ 14-29. Plumbing License – Administration.

All plumbing licenses are regulated by the License Administration under Article I of Chapter 14. (Ordinance 605 effective July 1st 2012)