TABLE 2.1.F Miscellaneous Uses

1. Agriculture *PPPP----PPPPPP 
2. Buildings in excess of height or size limitations------------SE--------SE 
3. Garage or yard sales *TTTT--------------- 
4. Garage, private or shed *AAAAAA------------ 
5. HelipadsAAAAAAAAAAAAPermitted only as Accessory Uses to airports, hospitals, police stations, or other public services.
6. Mobile Food Uses *TTTTTTTTTTTT 
6. Marketplace Buildings - Commercial*--------SE-------------- 
7. Mobile Medical Facility----------T--T--T--TAlso possible Temporary Use in the CM District.
8. Other uses, not listed elsewhere, that are clearly incidental and customary to and associated with a permitted use.AAAAAAAAAAAA 
10. Public UtilitiesPPPPPPPPPPPP 
11. Radio or television stations--------SEPSESESESE---- 
12. Recycling Processing Center--------------SEPSEPSE 
13. Recycling Collection StationSESESESESEPSEPPPPSE 
14. Sewage treatment plantsSE-------------SESESESE--- 
15. Small Wind Energy Turbine *AAAA--------------A 
16. Solar Panels, Roof mountedAAAAAAAAAAAA 
17. Solar Panels, Ground Mounted*SESESESESESESESESESESESE 
18. Solid waste landfillSE--------------SE--SE-- 
19. Special Office Use *--SESE--SE-------------- 
20. Stable or barnA---------------------- 
21. Storage of boats, travel trailers, motorcycles, jet-skis or similar recreationally used vehicles *AAAA---------------- 
22. Storage Trailers------------------------ 
23. Swimming Pool *AAAAA--------------This use refers to private swimming pools accessory to residential uses, as opposed to a public or quasi-public swimming pool.
24. Temporary Sales at the location of non-profit organizationsTTTTTTTTTTTTThe maximum duration of such sales shall be three days. No good may be sold which is prohibited to be sold in general in the Town of Easton.
25. Tower *----------P--P--PP-- 
26. Visitor Center--------PPP--------P 
28. Donation Bins *--------SESESESESESESE--