Snow & Ice Response

The Town of Easton responds to snow and ice (or other) events depending on the facts and circumstances of the particular event. The objective is to make appropriate routes “passable” for vehicular traffic. In some circumstances, only intersections are salted in order to provide as much traction as possible even though plowing or other steps might not be required. Each event is different and therefore you might observe differing responses by the Town.

Priority of Clearing

A priority system is used to determine which roads are treated in a given order utilizing the resources which are available. These begin with the designated snow emergency routes. Next, designated primary routes are treated. A central theme with both the snow emergency routes and the designated primary routes is that those roads have a public safety aspect (for police and fire responses).

An additional factor in both of these types of routes is that they affect the most number of people most quickly. The Town will eventually move onto secondary routes and cul de sacs as well as central business district parking lots.

Of course, modifications are routinely made by managers to the prearranged system as conditions warrant.

Do's & Don’ts

  1. Do use common sense given the circumstances. If the advice is do not travel, heed that advice whenever possible. Even if the roadway appears clear, you should be careful.
  2. Do park your vehicle in your driveway and off of the roadways whenever possible.
  3. Do not attempt to interfere with the road clearing crews. They already have their assignments and any time they spend with you extends the amount of time it takes to accomplish those tasks. If you have a concern, call the Town Office (410-822-2525) or the Public Works facility (410-822-0513). Remember, the office staff are also busy during weather events so please be patient.
  4. Do not throw snow from your property into the streets. Place any snow from your property, driveway or sidewalk in your yard where it will melt in due time. Placing snow in the public streets can subject you to a municipal code violation with penalties.
  5. Do not assume that every road in the Town limits is the responsibility of the Town to maintain. Certain roads are maintained by the county, the state, or even private entities.
  6. Do be patient. The crews are dedicated professionals who place your needs above their personal responsibilities. They work very hard to complete necessary work as soon as possible and no one wants the work finished more than they do so that they can go home too.
  7. Do stay well clear of any vehicle or equipment which is involved in snow clearing or similar activities. They do not have the maneuverability of a normal car, especially when they have a large amount of weight of snow load or salt load and they require additional space for most driving and/or stopping.