Parks & Recreation

Importance of Open Spaces

One of the most critical components in maintaining and enhancing a community's quality of life is it's system of parks, recreation, and open space. The careful location of parks and open space areas and preservation of the Town's natural resources as a complement to existing development can be a useful tool in guiding the Town's development into a logical, orderly and environmentally sensitive pattern.

In addition to recreational and aesthetic benefits, open spaces provide a framework for various land uses. Properly located, they become boundaries and buffers between conflicting uses of land and a nucleus for building neighborhood areas. Natural features can be preserved as valuable scenic and environmental attributes of the Town.

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A park system and recreational program can also go a long way toward resolving the age-old problem of a community offering nothing for young people to do.

Types of Parks

Parks within the Town of Easton are categorized as:

  • Community Parks
  • Mini-Parks
  • Neighborhood Parks
  • Special-Use Parks

Park Restrooms

All park restrooms are currently closed. We will post here when they will reopen.

Park Rules

Please remember to follow all posted park rules.


Pets are only permitted on the Rails-to-Trails paths, and in the John F. Ford park.

Pet owners are reminded to pick up after their pets as a courtesy to all park visitors.