Code Enforcement

The Town of Easton’s Code Enforcement Office is authorized to enforce the provisions of the Town of Easton Code exclusive of criminal codes, under Chapter 2 Administration (PDF), Article VII.

Minimum Standards

As part of the Town's continuing effort to improve neighborhoods within the Town of Easton, the Town has Chapter 11 Minimum Property Maintenance Standards (PDF), Article I. These provisions apply to all existing residential and non-residential structures and premises thereon.

These Minimum Standards are in place to protect:

  • Equipment and facilities for light
  • Heating
  • Life safety
  • Protection from the elements
  • Safe and sanitary maintenance
  • Safety from fire and other hazards
  • Sanitation
  • Space
  • Structures
  • Ventilation

Rental Housing Licenses

Regulations from the State of Maryland require the Town of Easton to enforce minimum livability standards for non-owner occupied residential housing. In response to this mandate the Easton Town Council created a Rental Housing License under Chapter 14 License and Permit (PDF). Owners of Rentals within the Town of Easton are required to apply for a Rental Housing License. Rentals will undergo periodic inspections to assure compliance.