New Snow Emergency Ordinance Effective December 29th

Ordinance 673 provides changes to the Snow Emergency Regulations of the Town of Easton. Primary changes are:

  • Phase I Snow Emergency may now be implemented by the most senior police officer on duty.
  • Phase II Snow Emergency will automatically go in to effect when snow accumulations reach 2 inches.
  • Modifications to the Restrictions on Snow Placement
    • No gasoline station, parking lot or other entity or location shall be permitted to deposit snow from its premises upon the streets or parking lots of the town with the exception of the Town Public Works Department in the authorized performance of their duties.

New Parking Ordinance Effective January 1st

Regulations pertaining to Off-Street parking in the Town of Easton are effective on Jaunuary 1st 2016. Please review changes to the Off-Street Parking Regulations here. When parking ON-Street in the Downtown area, please remember that designated spots are available and may be used for a grand total of 3 hours in any one or more spot. Moving a vehicle from one designated On-Street spot to another does not re-start the 3 hour time period.

A map of the town parking lots is available here
A copy of the Off-Street Parking Permit Application is available here.

Upcoming Meetings

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Agendas for upcoming meetings

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Town Council Meetings are held on the first and third Monday of each month in the Council Chambers at 14 South Harrison St

Agenda for Upcoming Meeting

Minutes from past meetings can be found .

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Building Inspection/Code Enforcement Survey

The Town of Easton Building Inspection Division & Code Enforcement Office is conducting a survey to gather information about our customer service. To help us with our efforts, please visit this link.