Recycling FAQ's

What items are acceptable to place in the recycling bin?

Plastic: Empty and rinse; no lids under 3 inches. Milk, water, Juice and pop bottles. Yogurt, dairy and margarine tubs. Shampoo and conditioner bottles. Bathroom, kitchen and window cleaner bottles. Detergent and fabric softener bottles. Pill bottles (nonprescription). Stretch wrap (must be combined, bagged and tied tightly within a plastic bag).Plastic bags (must be combined, bagged and tied tightly within a plastic bag). Clean plastic cups. Lids 3 inches or larger (remove from containers and rinse). Clean plastic pots. Clean plastic take-out containers. Clean plastic trays (bakery, meat, etc.)

Aluminum and tin can: empty and rinse out food residue, Labels OK. Beverage cans, food cans, Clean aluminum foil or foil trays.

Scrap metal: small appliances, limit 2ft. x 2ft., 35lbs. No wood, plastic or rubber attachments.

Cardboard: Flatten (less than 3ft. x 3ft.)

Mixed paper and newspaper: Keep it loose – don’t bundle, bag or tie. Newspaper and advertising inserts. Advertising mail and envelops. Shredded paper (bagged in clear plastic bags). Paperback books. Cereal and dry food boxes (remove liner). Magazines, catalogs and phone books. Non foil wrapping paper. Frozen food boxes. Juice boxes. Milk, juice and broth cartoons. Clean paper cups.

What items are NOT acceptable to place in the recycling bin?

Plastic: NO Styrofoam take-out containers. NO Styrofoam or packing peanuts. NO Styrofoam cups. NO Plastic caps or lids (under 3 inches). NO Plastic plates or utensils. NO Plastic clothes hangers. NO Empty motor oil or antifreeze containers. NO Empty prescription vials. NO Candy wrappers or chip bags. NO Ziploc bags.

Paper: NO Food-soiled food boxes. NO Disposable diapers. NO Ribbons or foil wrapping paper. NO Wax or plastic coated cardboard. NO Paper towel, plates or napkins. NO Dirty or soiled paper or facial tissue. NO Hardback books* TIP: remove covers and binding for garbage (pages are recyclable).

Glass: NO Mirrors or window glass. NO Ceramic or dishes. NO Broken glass. NO Light bulbs.

Metal: NO Caps, rings or lids (under 3 inches) NO Empty aerosol spray cans. NO Paint cans. NO Sharp or greasy metal. NO Metal clothes hangers.

Miscellaneous: NO CDs or CD cases. NO Household batteries. NO Clothing, textiles or shoes. NO Medical needles, syringes, “sharps”. NO Tires. NO Electronics. NO Furniture. NO Food scraps.

Will I be able to purchase an additional Tipper Cart?

Yes you may purchase an additional Tipper Cart for a onetime fee. Contact Public Works at 410-822-0513.

Will I be charged a monthly fee for an additional Tipper Cart?

No, you will not be charged an additional monthly fee for an additional Tippers Cart

If I have more recycling items than my Tipper Cart will hold, may I place the additional items next to my Tipper Cart?

Yes, ONLY in a CLEAR PLASTIC bag. Any recyclables placed out for pickup, in a bag that is not CLEAR, will not be picked up.

If I have more household garbage than my tipper cart will hold, may I place the additional items next to my tipper cart for pickup?

No, we will only pickup household garbage that is placed in the tipper cart; any household garbage placed outside of the tipper cart will not be picked up.

What can I do if I forget to place my recycling Tipper Cart out for my regularly scheduled pickup day?

You can call Public Works, at 410-822-0513 and we will contact the Recycling Contractor to schedule it to be picked up (on a non-abusive basis).

Will my scheduled day for recycling pick up change if it falls on a Holiday?

Yes, it will move ahead by a day. There is a yearly calendar schedule posted on the Town of Easton Web Page.

What size tipper cart will I receive?

All single family and multifamily (duplexes and small apartment buildings) residential unit will receive a 65 gallon tipper cart. All Complex units will receive 18 gallon carts and will either have a recycling dumpster or multiple tipper carts to dispose their recycling into. Commercial units will receive 95 gallon tipper carts. Townhomes that do not have a garage or have been deemed by the Town of Easton, as NOT having sufficient storage for a tipper cart, will receive an 18 gallon cart.

Do I have a choice to select which size Tipper Cart I want to utilize for recycling?

Yes, if you live in a Residential Single Family or Multi Family Unit you can upsize to a 95 Gallon Tipper Cart. There will be a grace period until September 28, 2012 where we will exchange a 65 gallon cart for a 95 gallon cart at no cost. All Complex Units and Town Homes, which do not have a garage or have been deemed by the Town of Easton, as NOT having sufficient storage for a tipper cart, will receive an 18 gallon cart.

If I elect not to utilize the town recycling tipper cart, can I turn it back into the town?

Yes, you can contact the Town of Easton Public Works Department at 410 822 0513 and request that the recycling tipper cart be retrieved by the town.

If I turn in my recycling tipper cart and do not participate in the Town of Easton Recycling Program, will I still be charge for the service?

Yes, the property will still be charged for the service whether you participate or not.

Will the Contractor observe the same Holiday Schedule as the Town of Easton?

No, the Contractor will pick up recycling items on Town of Easton observed Holidays with the exception of July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day and Memorial Day. On these Holidays the Contractor will move the pickup day ahead. Please refer to Recycling Calendar


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Email Mike Dickerson, Superintendent of Public Works

Our phone number is (410) 822-0513. Please call this numberor email us to schedule pickup of NON-HOUSEHOLD trash.


Bulk items must be scheduled for pickup as described on the Trash Pickup Schedule.

Please call us at (410) 822-0513 or email us to request bulk trash pickup.