Municipal Solid Waste Fees

In order to recover actual costs, the Town of Easton has established annual fees for the disposal of residential and commercial refuse. These fees are designed to reimburse the Town for the additional costs of recycling and disposing of solid waste as required by recent environmental regulations. Waste fees are due by November 30th and constitutes a lien against theproperty. They are coded as MWR for residential, MWM for multi-family, and MWC for commercial on the tax bill.

The following fees apply:

  • Single Family Home - $74.00 per home per year.
  • Multi Family Property - $56.00 per unit per year.
  • Commercial Property - $750.00 per year per commercial refuse unit.

(Multi Family Properties include such residences as condominiums, apartments, and duplexes.)


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Email Mike Dickerson, Superintendent of Public Works

Our phone number is (410) 822-0513. Please call this numberor email us to schedule pickup of NON-HOUSEHOLD trash.


Bulk items must be scheduled for pickup as described on the Trash Pickup Schedule.

Please call us at (410) 822-0513 or email us to request bulk trash pickup.